Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A test of patience...and wisdom

Yesterday (12.2.2011) was supposed to be a normal teenage outing. Well, my first ever outing to Ipoh from Seri Iskandar- by bus. It was fun. At least, I thought so. I met a few interesting characters on the way to Ipoh. I met an old Indian lady, and  a hospital operator who's age is 55. (she wanted to retire next year, but her request was rejected. Should she wish to carry on with her request, her pension will not be given to her, and she will only get 10% of duit sagu hati.) Kind of sad to hear that, right?

Well, the rest of the journey was normal.  

And we ate at the food court, watched a movie and then something happened.

A friend of mine was going to pass out. Well, perhaps she did passed out for a few moments.
It was a time of preservation,a test of skills and knowledge. I know not of her medical history. 
Hey, what should we do to someone who'd just suddenly pass out?
The others are counting on me to solve this. 
I called my mother. She used to work in a hospital, perhaps she knows what to do.
Meanwhile, we...drenched her face, her neck...massaged her shoulders, hands and feet.
I gave them an ointment as I talked to my mother. She was having a headache, but she still gave us a few ideas.
Some passersby gave us other tips.

We tried them all. 
I was on the verge of calling the ambulance when she revived...a bit...and told us to call her mother. 
I talked to her. It seems that my friend has a low blood pressure. She didn't quite slept well a few days past. That's why she passed out. 

Anyways, her mother gave the permission for us to bring her to the hospital. GREAT. Thank you, makcik. We'll take care of your daughter. Don't worry.She'll be fine.

I called my mother again. She said, " I'll ask your uncle to drive all of you to the hospital. Wait, how many are there? Oh, maybe the four of you could squeeze in but the other five would have to go back on their own."

"Don't worry. They'll be fine on their own."

So we went to the hospital after waiting for a half an hour. She still can't stand on her own. We took the wheel chair- feels like F1 !!! 

I looked up at the tall white building when we first arrived and said, "Hey, I kind of miss this hospital. We used to come here every year when my grandfather was still alive. We celebrated every celebration Malaysians celebrate at home- Raya 3 times, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thaipussam, Deepavali, Gawai Dayak- man, it used to be like, our second home!"

Much to my friend's relieve, she wasn't admitted to the hospital. But we went back to our college late, (well...we dropped by at Mc Donalds and my house..><) the guards were a bit...well, fussy that night- like any other day.

Well, we managed to get in after a few minutes of ceramah perdana.

Hey, I feel like going outing with you guys again.
Seriously, it was fun. ><