Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apology + Poem

No worries, the story of the golden earth and the silver skies will be continued...some other time. 

I have been a bit...arrogant. Maybe I've been VERY arrogant. But hey, I decided a little nicer. Well then, first, an apology. Maybe apologies.Hmm...let's just start things slowly. An apology, then. let's

OK. Done. Poem now.


 Forgive me if I'm ever so wrong, ever so harsh,
 For I did not know that it hurts,
 I know not these differences between us is a rift

That tend to get further as my mistakes grew. 

Forgive my ignorance, which I had always thought was a bliss,
For I always would pretend that I do not know,
Although always, at times it was so clear.

Forgive me if my ways irk you, 
If my advices and 'lectures' bore you to death,
For I always thought it was out of good will,
And though I know teenagers hate it,
I still do so (sometimes just for fun!! >< )

Now I can only pray, 
That my apologies you will accept,
Even if you find this you more?

So God help me, I am a person of much arrogance,
Not to say that apologising is impossible or hard,
But it is just that I find myself rarely with mistakes.

*Great. I think I do still sound arrogant.
 Well. Seems that there's nothing that I can do about it, then.

 Phew. Finally got that out of the system.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Of the Golden Earth and the Silver Skies

I'm kind of envious of the others who writes and publishes their work on their blogs.

Well, I have a blog of my own...why don't I do the same?
Fine. I'll do it. I'm doing it now.

CHAPTER 1- The Young King and The Princess

  "You're still trying to learn that language, brother?"

  Cristoph Lonis glanced at the voice. It was only Scarttle, his young sister. Her visage was wrinkled with a frown.

  He gave her a sly smile and said, "Of course, dear sister. It is one of my duties-a must. That is, if I wish to restore our ties with the land of Bentala Kencana."
  She grumbled, "That dirt bag of a country is of no place or ranks to have any diplomatic connection with us. You know that the people there are savages!"

  The young king gave out a laugh. "Nonsense. This knowledge, this relationship- it is all of future use. A benefit, no doubt."

  "This won't do, brother. Think of our dearly departed father! Surely you know that he loathes this idea of diplomacy with that particular land!"

  Upon hearing those words, the smile etched across Cristoph Lonis's face turned to a frown. Words were absent from his mind. He looked away from Scarttle and sent his gaze upon the book in front of him. With delicate care he caressed the book. The leather cover was soft, dull and in tatters, giving it an ancient feel. Sastera Bentala Kencana was written in gold. He closed his eyes and sighed," I know." Scarttle gave a smile. "But it has been decided. We will have ties with Bentala Kencana, whether you like it or not."

   The princess was dismayed with her brother's answer. But she uttered nothing about it. Instead she said," I must retire now. It is becoming late. Good night, brother." The door slammed shut. Cristoph sighs. His young sister has the ideals of her father. They both believed that any country under the wings of Sylph is of no ranks to have any connection with those of the upper wings. He disagrees. And at the same time wonders why his father hates them so. The old king had been there with him- and lived there once. What changed his mind?

   The young king remembers, and treasures his memories about the land of Bentala Kencana. The warm breeze, the humid jungle, its rich culture, the lovely, friendly people, and...Cita Nilam Sari, his old friend. He heard news that a few years ago, she was crowned as the new ruler of Bentala Kencana, in place of her mother who passed away- succumbed to the flames of war.

   The Ratu, as they call her, brought her nation towards victory. Deep inside, Cristoph Lonis adores her confidence, her strength, her leadership. While his, he thought, was of pale comparison than that of hers. He gave a heavy sigh and put his head unto the thick, ancient book of Sastera Bentala Kencana.

  A knight steps out from the shadows that enshroud him. "What ails you so, My Lord?" He closes to the young king. Cristoph Lonis lifts his head and gave a reassuring smile.

  "Nothing, Pawaka. And must I remind you to call me by my name every time we speak? You are - as always, have been my best friend." The fox demi-mortal apologised profusely.

   "You look forlorn, Cristoph. May I ask, you have problems with Scarttle?" He looked at the young king, who was muffling his laughter.

   "You have no qualms on calling Scarttle by her name, do you? I wonder why it is so hard for 
you to do the same for me?"

    Pawaka, with a wicked grin etched across his face replied, “The princess has things under her sleeves. Apologies, but I dare say it is of no good. Thus, she deserves naught of my respect. I am but a lowly vassal for the King of Silver Skies. Why should I respect her?"

    "I know my sister. She's not the kind of a person who'll do stupid things. Evil behind my back? I...honestly I do not think so. Perhaps, my friend, you're just being paranoid. One day, you might even say that Mega is trying to betray the king!" Cristoph laughed heartily.

    "I am not joking, Cristoph! Arg...But if you say so, then I will hold on to your words. Pawaka sighed. "Still, I dare say Scarttle asked you to abandon your plans of Bentala Kencana, yes?"
  "True. But I will not back down from my plan." The young king's voice fills with determination.

    "Great. Nicely done, My King." The knight looks at Cristoph's table and spots something. He 
 then picked up a book and said," Uh...Cristoph? May I borrow this?"

    The young king gave a grin," I knew you'd be interested in that text. I want it back in two days’ time."

   The knight bowed in appreciation and disappeared into the darkness. "I'll see you at the morrow, Highness."
Cristoph smiled. Pawaka was always more of a bard than a knight, he thought. Why he chose to be the latter, he never knew. He never dared to ask.