Thursday, January 27, 2011


Someone asked me..."Why use the name Pawaka?" People made jokes about it, sometimes lame, often irritating. Pawaka means fire. Come on, go and check the kidding 'bout this!!
Better check the Kamus Dewan. It has nothing to do, none whatsoever with Wakaka, Pawana (wind), or any other silly ideas. Simple, ancient Malay. That's what it is.

The reason I use is a strong element. Soothing at times, terrifying at most. Uncontrollable if not tended with care...unfortunately, I must say..the attributes of somehow connected with me. I have fiery passion with things I do..that is, until it dies out. I bark at people who annoy me, I give my opinions out loud...(most of them) but I am ashamed with my wrath...even if it is toyed by some of my acquaintances.


To tell you the truth, Pawaka is a fictional character...*laced with confidence* You'll see him soon enough.

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