Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apology + Poem

No worries, the story of the golden earth and the silver skies will be continued...some other time. 

I have been a bit...arrogant. Maybe I've been VERY arrogant. But hey, I decided a little nicer. Well then, first, an apology. Maybe apologies.Hmm...let's just start things slowly. An apology, then. let's

OK. Done. Poem now.


 Forgive me if I'm ever so wrong, ever so harsh,
 For I did not know that it hurts,
 I know not these differences between us is a rift

That tend to get further as my mistakes grew. 

Forgive my ignorance, which I had always thought was a bliss,
For I always would pretend that I do not know,
Although always, at times it was so clear.

Forgive me if my ways irk you, 
If my advices and 'lectures' bore you to death,
For I always thought it was out of good will,
And though I know teenagers hate it,
I still do so (sometimes just for fun!! >< )

Now I can only pray, 
That my apologies you will accept,
Even if you find this you more?

So God help me, I am a person of much arrogance,
Not to say that apologising is impossible or hard,
But it is just that I find myself rarely with mistakes.

*Great. I think I do still sound arrogant.
 Well. Seems that there's nothing that I can do about it, then.

 Phew. Finally got that out of the system.

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