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Of the Golden Earth and the Silver Skies

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CHAPTER 6 – Decisions, Decisions…Life Might Never Be the Same Again

  The butterfly event played itself over and over again in the knight’s mind as he sauntered into the kitchen. His magic was bard magic. A soul bard’s magic to be exact. He ‘trades’ a part of himself to the magic. The ink of his brush was of his blood. But that ink on the butterfly’s wings…he wonders if it really is from his own blood. Or was it from his soul?

  The bigger the sacrifice, the more powerful the magic will be. Magic from one’s own soul lasts longer rather than from one’s own blood, but as one uses it, the soul turns foul and corrupted. To use it more, one would have to form a pact with the Devil himself. Most soul bards do so. And it all started when they accidentally used a part of their soul in their magic. They got addicted, unable to stop from using this costly magic. Then they turn into the Devil’s familiar, carrying out its dark deeds.

   He dismissed the thought. Things cannot be that dire for the rein of this magic is still in his hands. He looked out the window. Slowly, he changed his sword into a brush and drew a dragonfly. It flew in circles around him, but soon turned into dust and scattered by as it gradually dries out. He held his palm out to catch the dust and put it under the fading sunlight. It shone not. He gave a sigh of relief.

“Pawaka”, the horse maiden calls. “Come and have dinner! The food’s getting cold!”

“Coming!” He looked at the dust on his palm and threw it away.

   The knight was quiet throughout the dinner. His worries on his magic were casted away with the experiment but his decision to make Samudera forget him is slowly turning to uncertainties. They cleared the table together after dinner, as usual. But as he carried the dishes to the kitchen, he saw Samudera fell asleep in a corner.

“Pawaka…Samudera’s sleeping in the kitchen…”

“Speak slowly, Mega”, he whispered. “Let’s just leave these. I’ll clear them up later. You can go to bed. I’m going to carry Samudera to her room.”

Mega giggled. “How romantic! Can Pawaka carry me to my room, too?”

His face went red. “Maybe some other time, Mega.”

She left the kitchen, grinning mischievously.

   He kneeled and lifts the sleeping maiden gently. With her so close to him now, he could hear her heart beating, smell her hair, and feel her breathing. He loves her so much it hurts. It hurts to think how she will fare when he is gone…for good.

  Slowly he ascends the stairs. He walks lightly, trying hard not to stir her peaceful sleep. He opened the bedroom door gently and puts the elven maiden to her bed with delicate care. So long had he been gone, hence he took the opportunity to look around. Moonlight shone in from an opened window sill. Perhaps she intentionally leaves it open, he thought. The room hasn’t changed much. Simple furniture adorned the medium large room. Their mother’s favourite vase was still in the same corner, still adorned with fresh moon lilies. A rarity in this season of warm sun. A smile etched across his face. He used to give them to her every evening, she would accept them with a smile and would give him a kiss on the cheek. After she was gone, and his relationship with Samudera turned for the better, he gave moon lilies to the elven maiden. It was when he finally decided to confess his love towards her, and it was when they had their first kiss. He still gives her these flowers, now and then, since moon lilies are seasonal, only can be found in abundance during nights of harsh winter. The delicate looking blossoms thrive in conditions where most plants would have ceased to exist. Such is their love, or so he had hoped.
     The knight gave out a sigh. He lost track on how they became lovers, rather than adopted siblings. Perhaps it is because he had never wanted a sister before, or perhaps it is due to the mutual feeling. Her patience and gentle ways was one of the reasons he fell in love with her. But in the eyes of others, they are siblings, not lovers – that is why the knight felt all of this was so wrong, even when it felt so right. Still, try as he might, he cannot love another and he cannot forget her. And he could not stop this feeling. He defies his own logic without him himself realising it.

“Good night, Samudera”, he whispered as he leaves the room.


Samudera? He turned around.

    The knight saw the elven maiden sitting on her bed; her long purple tresses were let loose and were flowing with the slight breeze. Her emerald green eyes shone as she was bathed with the moonlight. In his eyes, she looked like a goddess. And all of a sudden, he remembers the butterfly event…a miracle. Just like her.

“Come, sit beside me,” she flashed a smile. With the voice ringing in his mind, he hesitantly took a few steps forward, but then he stopped halfway.

“Why are you stopping?”

“We should cease doing this. Our relationship isn’t going anywhere.”

“You should stop being so negative. I told you that my love to you will never change. Would you please listen to me this time? Our love will survive.”

He looked at her and sighed. Slowly he walked to her and sat by her bed.

“It’s hard to continue resisting you. But how will I fare when I hold the knowledge that you and I might never see each other again, never to feast on your cooking again?”

The elven maiden giggled and gazed upon the knight’s light green eyes. “You’ll do just fine, love. I am not lost to you forever.” She puts her arms around his neck and took his scarf off.

“Love? It has been some time since I heard you calling me that.”

  She gave him a smile, and kissed him gently on the lips. This time, the knight decided to hold back no more. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. The need and want bursts and overcomes his logic.
   A stray ray of sunlight fell upon the elven maiden’s face. Slowly she opened her eyes. Her lips curved into a smile when she saw Pawaka in front of her. The knight was sleeping peacefully. She laid her head on his chest. Samudera closed her eyes, she hears Pawaka’s heart beat slowly, and she feels his warmth against her skin. The maiden puts her hand into his. She holds it tight. With Pawaka by her side, she felt protected and safe. At first sight, he was cold and arrogant, causing fear to stir in her heart. But then she learnt of his softer side, and felt in love with his protective and caring attitude towards her. The elven maiden remembered when he saved her life, when he first took her into his arms, when he first confessed his love to her. She holds his hand near her chest.

“…Samudera…” He grips her hand and gazed at her with a warm smile etched across his face.

“Pawaka…stop looking at me like that…it’s embarrassing…”

“You were not so very shy last night…”

Her cheeks went red. “ Th…that’s because it’s in the dark!!!”
He chuckled and nodded for he knew better. “We need to get up. Mega might already be up and about.    She‘ll come to look for the both of us.”

“You always have to do that, don’t you?” She gave a sigh.

“Yes.” Long pause. “Samudera?”

She looked at him.

“I will not ask you to forget me anymore. And perhaps I can ask Cristoph to arrange something… Maybe our relationship can…go on.”

She hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Pawaka. I knew you won’t betray our love!”

“If you keep doing that, we might not leave this bed…”

“Who cares?” she squealed with joy and hugged him even tighter.

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